solution to the development of a civil society in Indonesia. ... [5] Al-Mubarakfuri S 1987 Ar-Rahiq al-Makhtum (Riyadh: Dar Al Salam).

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solution to the development of a civil society in Indonesia. ... [5] Al-Mubarakfuri S 1987 Ar-Rahiq al-Makhtum (Riyadh: Dar Al Salam).

1Dept. Computational Sociology, Bandung Fe Institute, mail: [email protected]. 2Scholar, Bandung Fe Institute, mail: [email protected].

Medan, Indonesia [email protected]. Agung Nugroho (3). Health Physical Education and Recreation. STOCK Bina Guna Terrain. Medan, Indonesia.

The research problems for this study are; what integrated marketing communication strategies are used by Shopee, Lazada and Bukalapak along this period of time?

SD Salman Alfarisi. Bandung, Indonesia ... Politeknik Manufaktur Bandung ... eight-grade students of SMP (equals to Junior High School) level.

The following pupuh Tembang pocung describes an entertaining character, in a form of a puzzle that must be guessed listeners. Advances in Social Science, ...

The case with PT Kimas. Sentosa occurred on 15 June 2016, with debts valued at IDR. 758.40 billion. 5). ... PT Asia Paper Mills was declared bankrupt by the.

Pocari Sweat Bandung. West Java Marathon event there tagline is "be a finisher, not just a tourist", which describes that event targeted the visitor came to ...

The work of VOKS Music Section involved forging and retaining contacts with foreign musicians and conductors, while promoting Soviet music abroad with rentals ...

exploration of how such films are related to typical Chinese ... cases is embodied into Junzi (morally good man) and Xiaoren. (morally bad man).

Tasikmalaya embroidery business need to apply disruptive innovation. ... Flamboyan Embroidery, Haryati Collection Embroidery, Bunga.

The Analysis of Load and Need Factor for Roomboy at Housekeeping Department New Idola Hotel ... Housekeeping Department room boy New Idola Hotel Jakarta.

issues within the movies to explore the feminist ideology of Kartini characterization. ... Keywords: Agency, Feminism, Kartini, Movie, Narrative Analysis.

[email protected]. Muhammad Akhyar ... To meet the new paradigm, ... are such as Academic Information Systems (SIAKAD),.


It goes without saying that the film subtitle translation takes a quite importance position in the translation study. The movie was translated by BT5156.

Pengaruh Packaging Terhadap Keputusan Pembelian Paket Wisata Seni di Bale. Seni Barli-Kota Baru Parahyangan. Micky Andrea Yunus.

tourism amounted to 23 %, 2016 decreased slightly to. 22.7 %, then increased again to 23.3 ... from the north coast side which borders Legian beach in front.

The Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) has dawned as a tool to facilitate the flow of information and allow information sharing among different business ...

Indonesia, Universitas Negeri Surabaya (Unesa) esponds. Advances in Social Science, Education and ... Teknik Mesin FT Unesa,” J. Pendidik. Tek. Mesin,.

http://bpm.umsida.ac.id/wp-content/uploads/2017/08/3.-Standar- · Nasional-Pendidikan-Tinggi-SN-Dikti.pdf. [4] S. Sin, Y. Breyer, M. Marrone, R. Jack, C. Lu, ...

of Sundanese gamelan instruments is the Kalimba musical instrument from Africa with all the ... Angklung is a Sundanese traditional musical instrument.

Hendro Prabowo b. , and Maria Chrisnatalia c. aFaculty of Psychology, Universitas Gunadarma, Depok, West Java, Indonesia; bFaculty of.

Yowes ra popo insyaallah aku isoh, lilo. Bridge (Disco). Meh sambat kaleh sinten nyen sampun mekaten Merana urip ku. Aku welasno kangmas aku mesakno aku Aku ...

Abstract—Islamic Javanese manuscript is one of the. Javanese heritages in ancient ... art on Islamic Javanese manuscripts which is caused by acculturation.

Heideexhibition since 1974-1997, and World Expo event ... city of Bandung-Braunsweigand Yogya-Kyoto in ... 2017. [Online]. [Accessed 8 December 2018].

School as an Evaluation to Sport Achievements. Fajar Sriwahyuniati ... Sports Special Classes (SMA) in Yogyakarta High School level,.

Devi Nur Puspitasari; Ari Subowo; Sri Suwitri. Faculty of Socialand Politic Sciences. Diponegoro University. Semarang, Indonesia.

2 years” “ saya sudah belajar di sini selama 2 tahun”. In contrast to this, the Indonesian translation above will be translated by the students who lack ...

form and character and gender relations of the characters Srikandi and Dewi Kunti in the wayang story. Second, this study found the feminist characters of ...

[email protected]. Abstract—This research aim is to describe the ability ... century skills were study and innovation skills, life and career.

Haji Backpacker novel by Aguk Irawan MN by using theory of. Charles Sanders Piersce (Piercean). this research used qualitative descriptive method.

Keywords-trojan horses; hiding technology; network security; DLL technology. I. INTRODUCTION. As a kind of computer network viruses, Trojan horse is an.

Listed companies in Indonesia that use PSAK in preparing their financial reporting must be guided by PSAK 70: accounting standards of tax amnesty assets and ...

Turn taking marker in Catatan Najwa (Setia Pengacara Setya, Part 1) ... Sampai dengan sekarang ni Pak Fredich, ada buku dari Pak Romli ya?

providing thesis, dissertation, reference book but also collection ... Center of UIN Syarif Hidayatullah Jakarta, by establishing.

3PT Beton Elemenindo Perkasa, Cimahi, West Java 40561, Indonesia. *Corresponding author. Email: [email protected]. ABSTRACT.

Hikayat Sang Kancil and Buaya: an Interactive. Animation ... average length of the Top 10 most shared video of all time is less than 5 minutes.

The Prophet Ayyub`alaihissalam is an example in patience. In a story mentioned, a terrible skin ... [11] Quran.al-shia.com, Kisah Nabi Ayub, 2018. [Online].

So, the case of Oriflame can be considered as an illustrative example of the so-called “fiscal justice” that has dominated in tax disputes.

Bandung, Indonesia [email protected]. Abstract—Education to build the character of the ... (Tesis : Bandung Sekolah Pascasarjana UPI), 2016. [13] Saraswati.

orchestral and electric vocal music. Compared with electric ... application of orchestral sound source in MIDI production. ... The Edirol HQ Orchestral has.

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